Yorkshire Rows are honest, funny and unique. They speak with true passion about their incredible adventures, leaving their audiences feeling inspired and invigorated, convincing them that they can achieve almost anything. It’s no surprise then that they are in demand as public speakers worldwide.

  • Crafted presentation

    Initially Yorkshire Rows will meet with you to plan and craft your presentation, ensuring your key priorities and goals are met.

  • Event promotion

    Using social media, the team will promote your event, raising your profile whilst connecting with an expanded audience.

  • Here to hear

    The team will socialise with your audience before the talk, gaining additional insight into specific areas to target during the event.

  • Reflection

    Optionally, Yorkshire Rows will share their experience of your event on social media.

"The Yorkshire Rows team were wonderful. Ordinary women achieving extraordinary things. So inspiring."

Women in Leadership Networking Event for O2


Their fantastic spirit of adventure and can-do approach has won them countless awards.

Yorkshire Rows believe anything is possible with hard work and determination, as reflected in ‘Four Mums in a Boat’, a bestselling book by the foursome and a BBC documentary and also an award-winning documentary by National Geographic. This inspiring documentary retells the team’s adventure of when they spent 67 days at sea in a small rowing boat, rowing across the Atlantic Ocean which led them to become Guinness World Record holders.

Watch the documentary here

They have been asked to speak at a variety of organisations including:

  • O2
  • Aviva
  • JCT 600
  • Everywoman
  • Nestlé
  • Teeside University
  • Badminton England

"So inspirational and a truly wonderful match for BrandFuel. I am definitely inspired by them, as well as deeply moved by their experience, and will be thinking deeply as to what my ocean is."