Yorkshire Rows’ talks are tailored to suit your audience's individual needs. The team adopt a unique, interesting and amusing approach which sets them apart from many motivational speakers.

Attendees are inspired to look at life using new perspectives, becoming more attentive to their own talents, which in turn causes many to leave feeling prepared and motivated. Motivation, team building and communication are some of the themes explored during their talks, with their main goal being to inspire your audience. Yorkshire Rows believe anything is possible with hard work and determination.

  • Crafted presentation

    Initially Yorkshire Rows will meet with you to plan and craft your presentation, ensuring your key priorities and goals are met.

  • Event promotion

    Using social media, the team will promote your event, raising your profile whilst connecting with an expanded audience.

  • Here to hear

    The team will socialise with your audience before the talk, gaining additional insight into specific areas to target during the event.

  • Reflection

    Optionally, Yorkshire Rows will share their experience of your event on social media.

"Thank you for coming and sharing your story at our team time out - so many aspects of your experience have resonated with us and we have picked up some useful tips to help us pull together and achieve our goals."

Andrew Miles, Pentelow Practice, Leeds


Four Mums in a Boat

A documentary commissioned by National Geographic, broadcast widely and available to over 6.9 million viewers across Asia and the Middle East. The documentary told viewers the story of the team's epic North Sea and Atlantic Adventures.

It'll Be Fine

A 30 minute BBC Breakfast documentary broadcast worldwide on the BBC News Channel. This documentary highlights the Mums' row across the Atlantic.